Sir Arthur Lewis

Sir William Arthur Lewis was the fourth son of George Ferdinand and Ida Louisa Lewis. He was born in Castries on 23rd January 1915.

He attended the Castries Anglican Primary school and won a scholarship to St.Mary's college at ten years of age. In 1932 he won the St.Lucia Government island scholarship tenable at a British university. He left the island in 1933 to pursue a Bachelors degree at the University of London.
Sir Arthur Lewis St.Lucia

After graduating in 1937 with first class honours he was awarded a scholarship from the London School of Economics to pursue a Ph.D in industrial economics. He succesfully completed this in 1940 and taught at the London School of Economics until 1947, the same year he married Gladys Jacobs, a dynamic young lady from Grenada.

Sir Arthur Lewis then went on to become a professor at the University of Manchester. He served at Princeton University as professor of public and international affairs, Vice chancellor at the University of The West Indies, Chancellor of The University of Guyana and Chairman of The Caribbean Development Bank. After he retired from Princeton in 1983, he was made President of the American Economics Association.

Publishing many articles and writing 10 books including Principles of Economics, Sir Arthur Lewis consistently contended that if there was a choice between foreign investment and domestic capital, the latter should be preferred. In the absence of domestic capital, foreign investment should be encouraged and offered incentives provided that the net results are favourable to the domestic economy and contributes to the development of entrepreneurial, management and administrative skills.

In 1979 he was awarded The Nobel Prize for Economics. On 15th June 1991 he passed away and is buried on the grounds of the college named after him, the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.